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Mr. Sumz

All it took was for a young man to get his first Walkman and a “Leaders of the New School” tape and he became a hip hop junkie. That young man happens to be Mr. Sumz. He lives and breathes hip-hop music. Music greats like Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons and Sean Combs have had a major musical influence on Mr. Sumz as well. At the age of 10, Queens native Mr. Sumz started to write his own music, he recorded his first demo on a Talkboy recorder and a Rapman keyboard. By the age of 14 he found himself working amongst Grammy award winner LL Cool J on the track “Rasta Imposter”, which was featured on Def Jam’s “Survival of the Illest” mixtape. While in high school Mr. Sumz started a hip hop group with his friends, they recorded and sold their own mixtape cd’s. After being so successful at selling his music, he then started to venture into building his own household brand name Doe Jones Entertainment which fixates on music, fashion and film. Streets Mos magazine states that Mr. Sumz is “up next” and his collaborations with artist like Caron Wheeler, Lord Tariq and Konvict Records, recording group BricK and Lace have proven that. Along with his many performances at venues such as The Pyramid, Speed, Amazura and Vibes lounge, Mr. Sumz finds time to give back to his community by speaking to young entrepreneurs as well as the troubled youth. Currently Mr. Sumz is in the process of making a remarkable album, which is titled “The Art of War”. Along with his music Mr. Sumz will continue to create new clothing lines, write and produce films and break through new talent. He is the sum of it all. Mr. Sumz is very much up next.

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